By signing the order form in PRICING,  you (the customer) are agreeing to the following:                                          
1..S&L Pictures to Screen Service agrees to work with you to create the DVD you can cherish for life.  We even take suggestions.           Any written instructions will be performed.  If we overlooked any of your instructions,  we would fulfill them without any cost to you
   (the customer).
2  S&L Pictures to Screen Service has the right to arrange pictures,  provide viewing time, or  provide legally purchased music and           photography.
3  You (the customer)should not send any obscene or porn photos.
4. S&L Pictures to Screen Service reserves the right to fix minor flaws of pictures or reduce or enlarge photos on the DVD.                      Announcements, cards, certificates, t-shirt, and other items sold are included in this right, also.
5. You (the customer) must ensure that all given information/instruction is correct.  Any incorrect information is your responsibility.
6  Both S&L Pictures to Screen Service and you (the customer) must use copyrighted material such as music for DVD services.
   Only free images for announcements, t-shirts, cards, etc are accepted.
7. S&L is not responsible for damages to material during shipment to us, but we will try to repair photos for DVD at NO ADDITIONAL        COST TO YOU.
8. S&L Pictures to Screen Service is not held liable in any matters if our product(s) is sold by others.
9  S&L Pictures to Screen Service is responsible for any damages to product(s) during shipment to you.  Only product(s)                        REPLACMENT OR MONEY BACK IS AVAILABLE.
10.S&L Pictures to Screen will honor your privacy.  You(the customer) will be awarded only the FULL REFUND of the cost of the              order(s) if your privacy is violated such as using your photos for promotions or advertisements.
11.S&L Pictures to Screen is not responsible for damages to material (s) caused by  ANY extenuating or unforeseen events.  ONLY
12.S&L Pictures to Screen Service product(s) is for PRIVATE use only.
13.All material(s) will be returned to you (the customer) once the order(s) has been completed. If requested, the  U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail or Overnight Express will be used so that you feel assured that your pictures are returned to you safely.
  By purchasing any items, you agree to the above.