Each slideshow includes photo enhancements such as brightening, restoration, cropping and enlargement.  (Please
  be advised that by enlarging wallet size photos,  the resolution may not be as concise as the larger photos...But,  we
  at S&L will do our best to provide the picture you want.)  We can fix MINOR photo damages such as blurriness, spots, water
  damage, tint imperfections,  minor tears, etc., also.

       We offer  professional effects that include a wonderful transition between photos.  These transitions will follow the basic
  theme of the DVD.
        Photos should appear no less than 10 seconds.  You can choose the amount of viewing time for each photo.  You may
  want some photos to be viewed longer than others.  It's your choice!

           You can name your own DVD slideshow such as "Jackson's 2006 Family Reunion", "John's First Birthday Party",
  "Bobby's Military Graduation".  You just let us Know.  
        You can even choose your own background music; we refer you do so,  but we can provide legally purchased music for       you.  If  you choose to submit your own music,  please provide us with a  CD of your favorite songs.  Remember,  these              songs will have  to be legally purchased.  S&L  Pictures to Screen Service provide DVD slideshows for private use only.  Our
   product(s) is NOT FOR PUBLIC USE.  (We recommend that you submit 4-5 songs for the slideshow.)

        The types of photos we recommend sending are digitized pictures in .JPG format, JPG (JPEG), GIF, BMP,TIFF and PNG.
   We can accept old and wallet size photos,  but  as stated above the resolution may not be perfect.  See our
   special mailing instructions to assure all photos arrive and return safely.  **NO NEGATIVES OR SLIDES ARE ACCEPTED."
   And finally,  we will create a storybook for your pictures!